Best monoatomic gold on the market

Ormus gold represents a true revolutionary possibility and discovery for those looking to maximize their health and wellness, with advantages going beyond into a great many other areas of life as well. These are the bio-energetic ormus signatures not the physical ormus substances themselves.

Heal DNA!

Monatomic Orme

Philosophers stone? Most ancient alchemy now! Manna; the traditional sense of spiritual healing! New science at guaranteed potency! This is the ultimate ancient formula taught to Moses by his alchemist!

The ancient Egyptians used Ormus gold to heal the physical bodyenlighten the mind, heighten consciousness and bolster the spirit-body connection. Legend has it that long term use of Ormus ultimately results in the perfect harmony of mind, body and spirit which allows one to access the higher magic and psychic powers such as telepathy, levitation, to name a few.

It is said that remains of Ormus gold can still be found inside the pyramids to this day.

Monoatomic Gold

In summation, Ormus gold is an edible platinum metals such as gold, iridium and silver that has been alchemically extracted from Dead Sea salt, gold or other base material and then. Ormus gold can be rendered to a gas, dry white powder, thick white paste or a creamy white liquid. Ormus gold may have a huge effect on the mind, body and spirit. In a biological sense, Biologically Ormus gold may interact with DNA and transmute cells into whatever the body needs and wants to relieve pain, improve function and increase longevity.

Hudson then spent several million dollars over the next decade trying to figure out how to get and work with these strange materials. In the yearHudson was granted patents on these materials and the methods used for obtaining them. Some other researchers were also coming up with similar discoveries, in and about, the same time but Hudson was the first to get information out to the public about what he had found.

He also references to them as monoatomic elements in a high-spin state. Because Hudson has patented his process for obtaining and identifying these elements, and because it has not been conclusively determined whether these materials are monatomic or diatomic, it is recommended that the terms ORMUS and m-state be used when referring to these materials.

The fact that Ormus gold works on the DNA to return the body to its authentic perfect state that nature had intended.

Monatomic Orme

Most people, it is claimed, become sick only rarely, if at all, once they begin smart and safe supplementation. Some experts, in the field, have even made claims these materials can successfully fight challenges as serious as cancer and AIDS. There of course needs to be a lot more studied in these areas. Ormus gold also speeds up the healing process throughout the body. This includes everything from cuts, burns and wounds to internal ailments like bone breaks and muscle tears and sprains.

In many cases the healing process has been sped so fast, that it seems uncanny.Discount applies to Monatomics only. Monatomic Gold is a powerful electrical conductor that has been known to help with physical and mental energy. Balancing and calming, gold helps the truer you come out from within!

Addicted to Ormus: Gold Fever at the Raw Spirit Festival

The element of kings and rulers, gold represents the best in all aspects of life. These positive aspects led alchemists to turn to gold and try to understand how it can affect our health and wellness. Monatomic Gold is the reduced state that allows our bodies to access these benefits and use them to improve our physical and mental well-being. Many of the reported benefits of Monatomic Gold relate to how it affects our personal wellness. Understood to be a superconductor, it allows the emotions and energy to flow through the body, strengthening the aura, helping the user develop keen insight, and it has even been known to heighten psychic abilities.

The conductive properties also allow subconscious worries to rise to the surface, helping the user better understand their negative energy and overcoming it. Experts say Monatomic Gold works with the pituitary gland to increase hormone production, reinvigorating the body. All Monatomic Orme products containparts per million PPM of monatomic powder suspended in distilled water. Real monatomic powder is almost weightless, so an inert filler is used so it can be measured. We use a liquid filler so that nothing inhibits the potency and positive effects of the element, as dry fillers can be made with materials that affect how well it works.

All products are made from Used every day, the element should last a month. All our products are made from Matthew Mckay — February 18, I had read extensively about Monatomic Gold. My research lead me to chose your website and products as the best product available on the market. The Monatomic gold arrived to me in Australia not long after I ordered it which was very pleasing.

My first dose gave me a strange fuzzy electrical feeling around me head. This fuzzy feeling continued for about 1 week which I attributed to my brain hemispheres equalising. This feeling has now gone and now I just feel a focal buzz around my third eye and with this, incredibly clear in my head and very focused.

I work in a very high pressure job which used to stress me, but now I am able to keep level and focused and the stressors whilst not gone, do not effect me as they once did. My energy levels are great as well, I have to say I feel pretty amazing. My meditations are super amazing with immediate deep mediation.

I missed a few days of taking the Monatomic gold as a test and the good feeling continued regardless which confirms for me that a healing has taken place the effect stays with you. I am very happy with your product. I have another two bottles of the Monatomic gold on the way that I purchased from your website and am looking forward to continuing with this product a while longer before changing across to try the balance formula.

I hope that others who find your website choose your great products that are no doubt made with great care and love. Keep up the great work! Pete Hiscock verified owner — March 15, I really appreciate the quality of your products and the speed of your service.

My order arrived in England in just three days. Very well done! Bennie Becton verified owner — March 16, I ordered the Mono Atomic Gold. I saw my self laying there with a bright light that seemed to emanate from above and slightly behind my head.Find out the real truth behind Monoatomic Gold today in our complete guide.

Monoatomic gold is a unique substance originally discovered by an Arizona farmer named David Hudson in Hudson reportedly found the gold while digging in his soil. He left the gold out in the sun for a few minutes before it magically disappeared in a huge flash of light. Hudson later dried it away from sunlight, which prevented the gold from disappearing. Then, Hudson — who claims to be a really wealthy cotton farmer — spent millions of dollars researching the substance in labs across America.

He discovered some miraculous health benefits and chemical properties. Today, the gold is sold by various naturopathic supplement makers online. They include metals like gold, platinum, iridium, and others. Surprisingly, Hudson was able to patent monoatomic gold in the United Kingdom, although that patent expired in By using only monoatomic atoms, ORMUS supporters believe you can create some amazing health benefits. Those who believe in the powers of monoatomic gold claim it has a diverse range of exotic benefits.

Those benefits include:. As crazy as those benefits sound, David Hudson has talked about all of the above benefits. Check out this speechperformed April 3, and this lectureposted online in October It literally is the spirit. The material is not here to cure aids.

The material is not here to cure cancer. The material is here to perfect our bodies. Dave claims it corrects the DNA in every cell of the body, instantly healing you of any and all diseases.

David Hudson is an interesting character. He was the guy who claims to have discovered monoatomic gold while working at his cotton farm in Phoenix, Arizona. In his October lecture linked aboveHudson explained a little bit of his backstory:. I'm a third generation native Phoenician from an old family in the Phoenix area. We are an old family. We are very conservative. I come from an ultra-conservative right wing background.

For those of you who have heard of the John Birch Society, Barry Goldwater, these ultra right-wing Rush Limbaugh conservatives; that's the area that I come from.

I'm not saying whether it is right or wrong but that is my background. Hudson went on to explain how he discovered monoatomic gold and researched its properties as a superconductor. Hudson claims he cured a person with AIDS by giving her monoatomic gold. In that lecture, Hudson basically claims to have walked around a Phoenix hospital curing everyone of their diseases instantly using his magical gold substance.

What exactly does that mean? According to Hudson, superconductors change the fundamental rules of physics, which is why ORMUS metals appear to work in such mystical ways. And so literally you have energy going in and out of the nucleus freely flowing in and out of the nucleus while it is in the superconductor. You can actually buy monoatomic gold and other ORMUS materials — or at least you can buy what people claim are monoatomic gold and other materials.

These materials are sold as nutritional supplements and come with a wide variety of names. Some of the supplements you can buy today include:.Cypher: I know what you're thinking, 'cause right now I'm thinking the same thing.

This is not witchcraft vaporware if you consume a known good Ormus, you will feel it, it is Real. If you think the Hu sound or possibly Angels and Demons is going to scare you, do not consume too much Ormus!

Loud Hu is a very common experience of Ormus users, I have herd of people that apparently "overdose" on Ormus say it is so loud almost deafening! My advice is if you consume Ormus or Monoatomic Gold take a very small amount first, wait several days or a week and let your body and mind understand the effects, You may hear loud Hu after consuming only micrograms of some Monoatomic Alchemic preparations, that is to say about the size of a 4mm discarded paper punch would perhaps be too much for some.

The experience seems to be you wake up in the morning and find things very unusual or frighteningly real. Many liquid Ormus preparations dose size seems to be around 2. What I suggest at your own risk is test just a few drops first, and wait a good period of time before continuing use. Do Not put it in your neighbors cup of tea! ALWAYS purchase Ormus from a Reputable manufacturer and follow their advice exactly, I suggest you also study what many others have had to say about their products and ask questions before ordering a product online.

Do not attempt to make ORMUS or Monoatomics yourself until you have educated yourself considerably and willing to wear your own risk. Barry Carter wrote this summary recently about the past experiences of the pioneers of this research:. The gentleman who fasted for 43 days and had the kundalini awakening experience did not take any pure ORMUS gold during that period.

David Hudson also implied that this gentleman was going through the "Egyptian Rite of Passage" which was a nine month process which started with a fast and ended with the person becoming a "light being" himself:.

It's the breaking through of the cosmic egg, and he literally becomes a light being, capable of levitating and capable of bio-locating. To literally disappear here and reappear someplace else. Hudson suggested that this gentleman would become a "light being" if he continued to take the powder for nine months in his Dallas lecture. A July 27, interview with this gentleman revealed that he started the fast "About two years ago". At the time of the interview he said "I still take material but I don't take it in that volume".

He also admitted that he had not bio-located. Despite these facts, David Hudson continued to imply that ingesting the white powder for nine months, after a forty day fast, would enable one to have some sort of ultimate transcendent experience.

Hudson continued to imply this as late as his lecture in Dallas. When asked what had happened to the gentleman who had done the fast he said something like that the gentleman had quit taking the material before the nine months were up. People might think that a forty-day fast while ingesting the m-state materials will inevitably lead to "enlightenment".

There is no evidence that this is true. In fact the gentleman who did the fast suggested that it was not true at all when he said:. But there are very, very few people who do. This takes place internally. It's an active process. You're not going to sit there and have this zip through you and all of the sudden these wonderful things are there.

It can't be that way. That's not the way the circuit is set up in your system.

best monoatomic gold on the market

Your chakras and realizations are not built that way. Nothing is built that way. And to expect something outside of that is absolute foolishness. People often mistake the signposts of psychic powers and kundalini awakening for the destination. In a sense, there is no destination since this implies an end of change. If someone gets to a psychic or kundalini awakened space and hangs there then they are clinging to the signpost and will not be able to proceed on the road as long as they are attached to the signpost.

A kundalini awakened American engineer named Gary, in one of his private posts to me, described one of the greatest dangers of mistaking the signpost for the destination:.The makers of Etherium Gold believe the discovery of monatomic gold and the platinum group metals by David Hudson are rediscoveries of an advanced science understood by ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian and Israelite priests.

Some physicists refer to it as "exotic matter"; monatomic gold has both superconductive and anti-gravitational properties. A combination of myth, historical records and recently discovered ancient documents record the existence of a white substance that was called mfkzt by the Egyptians, shem-an-na by the Mesopotamians and is the mystical power within the Arch of the Covenant in biblical presentment.

The entire subject matter is vast, and beyond the scope of this article. Below are several pertinent links that will vastly enhance your understanding of this miraculous substance.

best monoatomic gold on the market

For a historical perspective and glimpses into the future potential monatomic elements offers humanity, read the work of Sir Laurence Gardner. Respected historian, lecturer, and author Sir Laurence Gardner has written about the white gold.

best monoatomic gold on the market

The question that is often asked is: What is the difference between White Powder of Gold, Monatomic Gold and the product we market called Etherium Gold. It is the intent of this article, as written by the makers of Etherium Gold, to describe each, give a comparison and let you decide which product is best suited for you.

The most frequently asked question; "Is Etherium Gold, monatomic gold? Geologists believe that its unusual electromagnetic properties are the result of a meteorite impact 11, - 12, years ago. Etherium Gold has naturally occurring monatomic elements as proven through laser spectrophotometric neutron activation.

Note: Other products claim higher amounts of monatomic elements than Etherium Gold. But all of them were measured under a completely different scientific protocol and therefore difficult, if not impossible to draw true comparison. Furthermore, all of their published results were calculated through in-house analysis.

We believe quantitative analysis for any product should be done independently for credibility. They would be extracted from either mineral deposits from volcanic origin or sea water. Monatomic gold can also be processed from metallic gold.

Monoatomic Gold Ormus

To the best of our knowledge, no person or company has successfully produced a pure monatomic product with the potency, or experiential potential, claimed by Hudson, or elaborated on by Laurence Gardner that is commercially available. The best analogy as to the difference between Etherium Gold and monatomic gold is the difference between a natural herb and patent medicine.Ormus Minerals Questions. Ormus Minerals Store. Contact Us. Ormus Powder Home.

Ormus Flavonoids. Ormus Minerals - Ormus Manna-Festation. What is Ormus. Sources of Ormus. Ormus and Water. Methods of Ormus Extraction. Ormus Wet Method.

Benefits of Ormus Minerals. Ormus Mineral Elements. Ormus and Salt. Health Benefits of Ormus Minerals. Health Benefits of Ormus Minerals Gold. Health Benefits of Ormus Minerals Silver. Health Benefits of Ormus Minerals Platinum. Health Benefits of Ormus Minerals Iridium. Health Benefits of Ormus Minerals Osmium. Health Benefits of Ormus Minerals Palladium. Health Benefits of Ormus Minerals Rhodium.Etherium Gold is a naturally occurring deposit from an ancient seabed, rich in natural monatomic and colloid mineral elements.

Etherium Gold consists of silica and 70 other natural mineral elements including magnesium, potassium, platinum, sodium, calcium, iron, iridium and gold. Working similar to the principles of homeopathic medicine, these minerals are not actually absorbed into the body, yet they are able to affect the body in subtle, yet powerful ways. Biofeedback research indicates a clear decrease in emotional reactivity and that individuals become more balanced and calm after administration of Etherium Gold.

In clinical trials, the most obvious and consistent results occurred in the EEG measurements after taking Etherium Gold. It is widely accepted that most people with high theta activity as compared to beta are considered to be "right brained," creative, meditative, artistic, spatially oriented. People with high beta activity as compared to theta are considered to be "left brained," logical, mathematically inclined, linearly oriented. Etherium Gold balances the differences in the strength of brainwave activity between the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Therefore, it could be said that Etherium Gold can help people become more "whole brained. According to the Alphalearning Institute in Lugano, Switzerland, Our research also clearly shows that left-right brain imbalances are predominating in many mental, behavioral dysfunctions.

It is my professional opinion that Etherium Gold would be of tremendous benefit in any of these conditions and the most obvious answer as a healthy alternative to chemicals with harmful side effects. Richard Gerber, M. All of those physical benefits enhance brain power and that leads to expanded consciousness, spiritual clarity and overall balance.

Etherium Gold was so named because of the expansionary states many people experience after consuming it [ Testimonials ]. For many these experiences appear to be similar to those recorded in ancient texts that describe the use of " white gold ".

White gold was created alchemically by the high priests of some ancient civilizations for the purpose of expanding consciousness as part of ceremony.

It was usually reserved for the higher echelons in society or religious order, often times given to initiates being promoted to a higher status within the group.

The reported benefits of Etherium White Gold include:. Etherium White Gold predominately stimulates the upper chakras of the body, heightens sixth sense awareness, deepens meditations and concentration, harmonizes the two hemispheres of the brain, helps produce alpha brain waves in beta-dominated people and beta waves in alpha-dominated people and improves creativity.

Etherium Monatomic Gold has an electromagnetic pattern similar, if not identical to the same pattern that energy flows when it is transmuted into matter pictured to the left. Physicists believe when energy forms matter, it begins by moving in a clockwise motion pictured below.

As its speed increases, a vortex begins to form. Centrifugal force causes the energy to rise and the circumference of the spin becomes tighter and tighter.


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